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Guardian force

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Guardian Force
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The five volumes of the Guardian story were crafted for enjoyment, not conformance to stock commercial formulas.  The intricate plot of the Guardian tale emerged from the author's insights into the most recent 75,000 years of modern humanity's lost history. He has spun a suspenseful and multi-dimensional interstellar tale that is unique, vast in scope, and builds to a buoyant conclusion among distant stars in Guardian Thunder. It is noteworthy that in 2015, more than five years after the first volume, Guardian Force, there were two momentous scientific discoveries that vindicated the main premise of the series—both were astronomical.

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guardian force

It was coming; everyone in the world knew that.  Everyone also knew there was no possible defense, and no escape.  Unstoppable, the paired red and brown dwarf stars and their aggregation of captive companions plunged out of the boundless darkness and silence.  In their turbulent wake came titanic waves of devastation and death.  Angry flickering tongues of plasma spewed forth from the solar primary, and like clay pots, entire planets were broken, battered, and tossed about.  A fragmented mythology relates that except for Prometheus, the Titans were bound and cast into Tartarus. While this was done, a tranquil solar system was forever transformed.


On at least one hapless world, as tectonic plates shifted and the ground beneath their feet shook, billions of stranded sentient beings were entangled in uncountable terrors. Their long-established civilizations abruptly ceased to exist.  Where billions of beings had for ages flourished with their farms and markets prospering, where their songs were often heard, only shattered ruins and a few thousand stunned survivors remained.  Above their heads, rippling filaments of lightening tore the darkened skies, and thundering gales howled around them.  Volcanic ash choked the heaven above and no more could the sun be seen; brother no more saw brother.  Then came the long bitter cold.  An ice age spanning 30,000 years formed two miles-thick glaciers that spread over continents.  Over more millenniums, the glaciers slowly retreated, only to be remembered by geologists.  Seventy thousand times did the planet fatefully circle its primary, and then once more the wonder of life and new civilizations spread about the once-battered and still troubled world.


Seemingly, gone and forgotten forever was a golden age, with its tales of glory and the songs of heroes; yet mostly forgotten legends and racial memories stubbornly lingered.   Then, as foretold in ages long past, strange happenings began to occur.  The veil that had concealed the truth of past ages parted, and long-suppressed truths were revealed.  Around the world hope began to resurge, and a deep-seated longing arose in the hearts of many for the coming of a new golden age.


Thus, it is with the telling of this long-forgotten truth that the weaver of stories begins intertwining his tale with unfolding mysteries….

Enjoy these great adventures of the Guardian Series:

Guardian Force | Earth Guardian | Guardian Probe | Guardian Strike

Sequel, Coming in late 2017... Guardian Thunder



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by D. Arthur Gusner

Book One of the Guardian Series


guardian forceWhen distant early warning monitors alert Guardian Force of an unknown intruder entering into the solar system, it is quickly intercepted. Upon examination, the alien object proves to be an ungainly sub-light interstellar probe of unknown origin. Then, forensic Analysis of the probe yields traces of human blood. In order to answer many compelling questions, Guardian Force initiates a high-risk long-range reconnaissance.


Painstakingly, Captain Kellon directs his crew and Cruiser across eighty light years of unexplored space, methodically retracing the probe's journey back to its source. Alone, and far from home and reinforcements, what began as a purely stealth reconnaissance missions unexpectedly becomes a fierce battle to protect a traumatized and conquered world. What Guardian Force discovers in that far off solar system forever alters mankind's knowledge of the past and inalterably reshapes its future. If humanity is to prosper, then it must first survive.

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Nominated for the 2013 Hugo Award

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The adventure & excitement continues in the first sequel:


by D. Arthur Gusner

Book 2 of the Guardian Series


Earth GuardianOn Glas Dinnein, Guardian Force Intercepts of alien military messages reveals an ambitious plan for absorbing several solar systems into an expanding empire. One of the systems includes Earth.



Confronted with the unresolved mystery of their inter-relationship, two diverse branches of humanity come together and oppose the aggression of an expanding alien empire, the Kreel. Through a twist of fate, they find themselves challenged by their common humanity and a mutual need for survival. Embracing that challenge, on Glas Dinnein eleven united human worlds choose to extend their limited help across 80 light years to protect distant Earth from the Kreel threat. Alarmed, Earth Governments suddenly realize just how far their own vaulted technology is behind the level of the cosmic technology curve. Lacking super-luminal technologies, and woefully ignorant of their newfound allies and the scope of dangers posed by an unknown enemy, like backwater cousins, Earth's people are scrambling to catch-up. Prepared or not, Earth is thrust squarely into a no quarters ask or given interstellar war. Its tenuous hope for survival rests squarely upon the overextended military capabilities of Guardian Force.


Earth Guardian is the second volume of the unfolding Guardian series, an expanding mystery and science fiction saga combining the genres of military and high adventure. The first volume of the series is Guardian Force. Its sequels are Earth guardian, Guardian Probe, Guardian Strike, and Guardian Thunder - Which Galaxy Quest Books is scheduling for release in late 2017.

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EARTH GUARDIAN REVIEWS Nominated for the 2013 Hugo Award

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Guardian Probe

by D. Arthur Gusner

Book 3 of the Guardian Series

guardian probe

Far from Glas Dinnein, within three solar systems, on the three governing Kreel Hub planets, the Kreel Elite and their Marshalls had determined when and where to first strike. They then began executing their plans to expand the Empire. Their massive assembled Armada was then staging for its departure and the conquest of multiple solar systems, and Earth was within one of those systems. As an arrow shot from a compound bow, once launched, that armada would not be turning back.


By fate and circumstance, five Guardian Cruisers, battle weary and with depleted stores and ordinance, found themselves far from home and within an alien solar system. Alone and by chance, they were tactically position to oppose the main thrust of a massive Kreel invasion force. Their new orders were explicit; regardless of its cost, they were to make a stand and fight. While waiting for promised resupply and the fulfillment of a vague assurance of coming reinforcement, the desperate defenders began searching for an elusive tactical edge and a means of survival.


While the five guardian cruisers braced for the coming storm, nearly one-hundred light years distant, a solitary Guardian cruiser on deep reconnaissance within the Kreel Empire was executing its final actions. Detected and then attacked by an elite Kreel squadron, outnumbered, and heavily damaged, the cruiser's single surviving crewmember was the ship's AI. Fulfilling its last received orders, the AI Sent its Cobalt Blue encrypted message to distant Glas Dinnein, detailing its status and pending self-destruction. Then, with its final defiant act, it destroyed the remaining attackers and itself. Contained within the Cobalt Blue message was a twice-coded mystery that once solved would reshape Guardian Force. For the first time in millenniums, Guardian Force HQ is compelled to send a covert Intelligence Probe in force deep within the heart of the Kreel Empire. What could possibly go wrong?


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Guardian Strike

by D. Arthur Gusner

Book 4 of the Guardian Series

guardian probeWithin the flowing eddy currents of creation, among billions of this universe's bright galaxies, there is one called by some the "Milky Way" and by others the "Wandering Waterway." Spanning more than one-hundred-thousand light years, this galaxy contains more than two-hundred-billion star systems.


Over millenniums, The Kreel Empire has overwhelmed more than fifty of its neighboring star systems and in doing this has ignited a deadly conflict with humanity. The inter-species warfare is a tinderbox that threatens to flare up and engulf even more star systems.


As the Kreel and humanity engage in their "no quarters given" battles, neither is aware they are being observed by advanced species,— who are collectively known as the Elders. Abiding peacefully within the galaxy and observing the actions of younger evolving species, they are debating what appropriate action they must take and which of the two species—if either—warrant survival.


The intensity of the ongoing conflicts has also drawn the attention of another. The heady energies of interstellar war and death have drawn forth an ancient evil from beyond the Milky Way. Its malign influence is promoting and encouraging the inter-species clash. Even as Guardian Force prepares for conducting warfare deep within the Kreel Empire, the controlling focus of power within the galaxy is shifting….


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BOOK FIVE "Guardian Thunder"

is in progress. Look for it in 2017.




Highly imaginative plot and very well written with good characters. I've been reading sci-fi for over 55 years and this series is one of the best yet, can't wait 'til the next book!


I truly enjoyed this book. D. Arthur's creation is closer to home than most galactic adventures. He has our planet earth in the middle of the extraterrestrial Good Guys and Bad Guys with enough excitement and humor to entertain for hours. He draws you into a set of characters you just can't wait to learn more about. A refreshing and exciting story that had me embedded imagining it all happening in my front yard. Looking forward to the sequel.


I've read most all the Sci-Fi great novels and Guardian Force stands with the best. I'm looking forward to reading the sequels.

Gusner gives us a broadened vision of planet earth, looking in on us from the vastness of space. This story embraces all the things I love about Science Fiction with many unexpected twists and turns. It is a credible blending of the known and the unknown with endless possibilities to ponder throughout and a refreshing degree of chivalry.


 I enjoyed the new perspective this book builds with the action surrounding our earth in a future time. The Good Guys, from outer space, defending and protecting earth from the bad guys, also extraterrestrial, who had been earnestly removing our resources and controlling our ability to be aware of the theft. A good read, looking forward to the sequel


What an enjoyable science fiction adventure! Very creative and convincing plot. Highly recommend it!


Great science fiction! Gusner tells an engaging tale from a unique perspective and brings knowledge and intelligence to his science and tactical situations. Fast paced, yet detailed enough to be a convincing story.


This author has a great way of keeping you interested, when does the next one come out? look out Susie


I had the opportunity to read Earth Guardian and it is amazing! The first book in the series, Guardian Force is great, and this one picks up beautifully as the story builds into a stunning sequel. I can't wait until the next book comes out; I'm definitely looking forward to more edge-of-your-seat excitement from Mr. Gusner. Hurry up !!!


I could not wait for this next book in the series to come out and now am impatient for the third. The characters and story line are captivating and offer an interesting and exciting read!


very good story and action packed wish the next book was published its soo good


I found this a great story, and continuation to the series. I was initially a bit reluctant because it is some what dearer than most kindle books. So I originally only purchased the first part. That was more than enough, I was hooked. The day after I finished I bought the next two, a decision I haven't regretted.

The series is full of captivating characters, human, alien and a.i., and suitably bad enemies. There is also a continuing mystery about humanity, and its place in the galaxy. Topped off with rousing space battles. All in all a very addictive mix, one I can thoroughly recommend.


I really enjoyed this sequel to the first two books in the series. The characters continue to captivate and the story line keeps you hooked throughout. Looking forward to the next book.


One of the best science fiction series that I have read in years. Thrilling battle scenes and a great mixture of good vs evil.

I think this is one of the best in the series so far. All the books are captivating. They incorporate  a believable storyline of society on earth learning of other life forms... some friendlier than others. It has drama, excitement and great characters to follow throughout.

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