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Summary of Guardian Book Dedications

Volumes two through five of the Guardian tale are dedicated to the men and women of the United States Military, and while it is impossible to identify each and every battle or individual who is worthy of acknowledgment, the author has endeavored to identify a few instances and individuals whose incredible courage and commitment to their beliefs and Country have proven inspirational to many.  It is with the utmost respect that the Guardian dedications are summarized below.

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Earth Guardian:
This book is dedicated to the personnel of the United States Navy Submarine Force, and in memory of those United States Submarines remaining on eternal patrol.

Guardian Probe:
Early on the morning of October 25, 1944, east of Samar Island, in the Philippines Sea, at 0716, an Admiral ordered Commander William Dow Thomas, Commodore of a small Guardian destroyer screen, to attack a vastly superior Japanese force. The four American destroyers Hoel, Heermann, Samuel B. Roberts, and Johnston began their defensive action to protect their carriers.

Zigzagging through smoke and intermittent rain squalls "and frequently bracketed by the explosions of incoming heavy ordnance from Japanese battleships, cruisers, and destroyers, the "small boys” of Taffy 3 engaged the attacking Japanese force and pressed their attack against overwhelming odds.
In the hours that followed, the men of the United States Navy displayed incredible valor, raw courage, and tenacity such as is seldom recorded in the annals of history, and   reminiscent of the courage displayed by the Spartan King Leonidas' stand against the overwhelming forces of the Persian King Xerxes, at Thermopylae in 480 BC.

The aircraft and the small boys of the United States Navy blunted and then turned the Japanese powerful attack into a retreat.  During the battle the United States Navy lost 1,583 killed and 913 wounded, 2 escort carriers, 2 destroyers, 1 destroyer escort sunk and 23 aircraft lost.  The Japanese Empyreal Navy's casualties are unknown, but two battleships were damaged, 3 heavy cruisers sunk, 3 heavy cruisers damaged, multiple destroyers damaged, and 52 aircraft were lost.

The author respectfully dedicates this book to the men of Taffy 1, Taffy 2 and especially Taffy 3, with special notice of the sacrifices of the "small boys" and the airmen who fought with raw courage and inflicted greater losses than they suffered. It is with a sense of deep admiration that I include in this dedication Lieutenant Commander Ernest E. Evans and the USS Johnston (DD-557), who without waiting for orders, took the battle straight to the Empyreal Navy and its battleships, pressing his attack against staggering odds.

Guardian Strike:
Without a decisive Naval force we can do nothing definitive - and with it, everything honorable and glorious.
George Washington to Marquis de Lafayette, 15 November 1781


The author respectfully dedicates this book to the men and women of the United States Navy, past and present. It is with a sense of deep respect that I in particular include in this dedication  the US Navy ships of task force — five consisting of two heavy  and three light cruisers  and eight destroyers that engaged a more powerful Japaneese  task force consisting of battleships Hiei and Kirishima, light cruiser Nagara, and 14 destroyers off Savo Island on the night of November 12-13, 1942.  The only two U.S. Navy admirals killed in a surface engagement during WW II were lost in this battle.

This incredible night time furious close-range Malay might serve as the dictionary definition of ships going into harms way.  During the engagement several US Navy Destroyerrs attacked and closed to point-blank range, so near to the Japanese battleship Hiei that it was unable to depress its main guns far enough to return fire.  As a direct result of this climactic sea battle of Guadalcanal, two American light cruisers and four destroyers were lost, and the Battleship Hiei and two Japanese destroyers were sunk.

"This desperately fought action...has few parallels in naval history. We have come to expect, and to count on, complete courage in battle from officers and men of the United States Navy. But here, in this engagement, we had displayed for our lasting respect and admiration, a cool but eager gallantry that is above praise. These splendid ships and determined men won a great victory against heavy odds. Had this battle not been fought and won, our hold on Guadalcanal would have been gravely endangered."
Rear Admiral Richmond K. Turner USN


Medal of Honor citation
Rear Admiral  Norman Scott, USN
For extraordinary heroism and conspicuous intrepidity above and beyond the call of duty during action against enemy Japanese forces off Savo Island on the night of 11–12 October and again on the night of 12–13 November 1942. In the earlier action, intercepting a Japanese Task Force intent upon storming our island positions and landing reinforcements at Guadalcanal, Rear Adm. Scott, with courageous skill and superb coordination of the units under his command, destroyed 8 hostile vessels and put the others to flight. Again challenged, a month later, by the return of a stubborn and persistent foe, he led his force into a desperate battle against tremendous odds, directing close-range operations against the invading enemy until he himself was killed in the furious bombardment by their superior firepower. On each of these occasions his dauntless initiative, inspiring leadership and judicious foresight in a crisis of grave responsibility contributed decisively to the rout of a powerful invasion fleet and to the consequent frustration of a formidable Japanese offensive. He gallantly gave his life in the service of his country.


Guardian Thunder:
God, Corps, and Country, this book is respectfully dedicated to the United States Marine Corps.  Being exemplary in their courage and history of service, a dedication to a single Unit or an individual is difficult.  Nevertheless, it is with admiration and respect that Major General Oliver P. Smith and the First Marines Division, who with incredible courage fought their way from the Chosin Reservoir 70 miles distant to the port city of Hungnam, Korea, are especially noted. Likewise, is Father Vincent R. Capodanno, chaplain of the third Battalion, Fifth Marines, who was killed in action 4 September 1967, 30 miles south of Da Nang, in Quang Tri Province, Vietnam; he was a man of God.


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