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In creating the adventure, the author has drawn upon his diverse background, including a formal education in the applied sciences; study of ancient legends, history, and religions; a voluntary tour as a Light Infantryman, and twenty years of Cold War submarine warfare analysis.

The author was born before WW II, at the end of the age of biplanes. It was a time when men were not slighted for acknowledging the complimentary and mysterious differences between a man and a lovely woman, being correctly taught as boys the value of family, hard work, integrity, honor, the importance of being a Gentleman, and the etiquette of opening a door for a Lady.

By date of birth, the author is a member of a peer group some call the "Silent Generation."  He was one of the boys who grew up chasing troop trains and who could tell you at a glance the difference between a Me 109 and a Spitfire, a B-26 and a Heinkel He 111.  He grew up during the age of rationing of shoes and clothing and food, being one of the boys who collected newspapers for paper drives.  Rather than learning the names of football or baseball teams, the boys of the Silent Generation learned of the defense of Corridor, Merrill's Marauders, and the names of submarines.  By observing the exploits of our military, both men and women, they learned the meaning of tenacity and raw courage -- see brief summary of Guardian dedications  elsewhere on the website.

Immediately following in the steps of the Greatest Generation, some of the boys grew up and found themselves trained in the use of the bayonet and participating in the frigid hell of the forgotten "Police Action" of Korea.  The silent generation was also found in the vanguard of those who were blazing the broad path to reach for the Moon and go beyond. Because of their security clearances, many were compelled to suppressed their intense anger at the blatant covert murders of JFK and Bobby. They are also counted among the many who have worked with diligence to see the whole truth of those crimes revealed.
Having nearly completed their tasks, the now older boys and girls of the Silent Generation, "the Warriors for Good," are departing. In following their respected predecessors, they are passing Humanity's baton to the honorable young generations that are following. May they with dignity come again to discover how to be Gentlemen and Ladies, and with pride, courage, decency, and integrity, working arm in arm, continue together toward a magnificent future. 


That in essence is what the Guardian tale is all about and why it is different.



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